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Thanks for taking a look at my website.

I am sure you have noticed that the website is nothing fancy, pretty basic really. I designed the website without flash and sizzle. There are no financial calculators, stock photos of perfect people sitting around a tax return, or links to other websites. Do you really want all that fluff?  I did not think so.  You want to know who, what, and where.

Who: My name is Anthony Belletete. I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA license number NM 6765 and NC 23113 issued in 1995). My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration degree.  Over the years I have worked with literally hundreds of small business and individual clients with tax, accounting, and QuickBooks issues.

What: As a Los Alamos, NM based CPA I provide income tax, accounting, financial reporting, business valuation, and accounting software support including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online to small business clients in the Los Alamos area.  With over 17 years in public practice I am well versed in tax and accounting rules that apply to small business.  I can help you with your complex 1040 Individual Tax Return, 1120 Corporation Tax Return, 1120-S “S” Corporation Tax Return, or 1065 Partnership or LLC returns.

Where: I work out of my Los Alamos home and meet with clients at their home or office in and around Los Alamos, NM.

I have no other employees, so when you hire me, you work with me. Plain and simple.

If you are…

  • in need of tax or accounting services
  • in need of help with QuickBooks
  • tired of never knowing who is doing your tax work
  • tired of being up-sold by your current CPA
  • starting a business
  • selling a business
  • administering an estate
  • or just looking for a CPA with which to build a long term relationship

…give me a call at 505-225-1120 today and like me on Facebook.

Anthony W. Belletete, CPA

Anthony W Belletete, CPA

Los Alamos CPA providing accounting, consulting, and income tax preparation services to businesses and individuals in Little LA.